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Project management:

We take your Outside Plant projects and handle all the elements
required to take projects to a successful completion including
permits, A&E, documentation, suppliers, materials and other key
elements for safety execution.

Antenna systems installation

(RF elements):

This involves turnkey projects for new tower sites in
telecommunication industry requested by major contractors,
carriers or other tower companies.

Construction Services:

We have extensive experience in executing civil works, site work, excavation, concrete structures, shelter construction, access roads, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and others.

Tower erection:

We are experienced installing Guyed Tower, Monopoles, Self Support tower, AM Towers. Our crews are Tower Climbing certified and use specialized equipment and tools to execute our work with safety and responsibility.

Roof Top installation:

We install Antennas, Lines and telecom equipment at top of buildings. We follow all the proper steps to avoid any issues with tenants and follow all regulations for each project in coordination with building managers.

Antenna systems installation

(RF elements):

We know the standards and procedures of main carriers in US to install the required systems at every detail. We are experienced upgrading technology from GSM to LTE and other technologies.

Microwave installation:

We install Microwave Antenna, Transmission Radios, Line of Sight verification and Path alignment.

Equipment installation:

Power Units, Node B, Back up battery systems.

AC/DC telecom equipment


This involves a verification of proper electrical system installed required by ruling agency.

Sweep/PIM/Fiber tests certified:

We count with certified personnel to measure, test and certify the
different cables or fiber according to our clients specifications and
requirement. We count with the specialized equipment for each of
these tasks.

Site acquisition:

We locate new sites as requested by different carriers and we
negotiate with landlords to install towers or other telecom

Inspection and Auditing services:

We provide Service to inspect your sites during construction projects. We also provide Site Survey services for new equipment or technology installation.

Electrical work:

We have experienced personnel in High Voltage installation, primary lines, substations, secondary voltage installation.

Fiber Optic Installation:

We install aerial fiber optic and also underground installation. We
have worked projects involving fiber optic for Sprint, T-Mobile and

Demolition Services:

We provide demolition of all type of structures including structures with HAZMAT presence.